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CBSE Affiliation No: 1980010, School Code : 07132

The aim of our Physical Education is not to produce champions. Nor on the other hand should it be merely a pastime, and object of excitement or an opportunity for the fulfillment of one’s ambition. It is a means by which one’s physical instrument may be trained and perfected, so that something higher than the physical, the “Truth Force”, which seeks to manifest through the body may find it a fit instrument for its self-expression. – The Mother

Kabadi, softball, basketball, volleyball, cricket, and football

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Agile body is a reflection of the status of being hale and healthy. At New Era Secondary School, we lay emphasis on fitness of the students. The Schools Sports Programme is conducted in Dehashakti Sports complex in Auroville which is located around 1.5 KM from our School, transport facilities are available for the children to reach the complex. The aim of Dehashakti Sports (Dehashakti means “the full power and perfection of the body”) is to offer a comprehensive programme for physical development, providing activities that incorporate and develop movement, mobility, control, health, fitness, strength, stamina, challenge and body skills. Emphasis is given on developing team spirit, fairness in play, the right attitude during competitions and games, and encouraging weaker children to actively participate. The following four fields of sports activities enable Dehashakti Sports to incorporate most of the above-mentioned aspects: individual (athletics and gymnastics), aesthetic (gymnastics and acro-gymnastics), inter-individual (combative games) and collective (softball, basketball, volleyball, cricket and football). NESS also takes pride in stating that we have junior level national basket ball players.

The credit naturally goes to Mr. Kannadasan and his committed team of  6 part-time instructors who have been striving all along to impart the importance of sports among the children. Our children are also actively involved in Aurolympics (a week-long sports event involving athletics and team games).