A Trust under the Auroville Foundation - Ministry of Human Resource Develpoment - Govt. of India

Co-Curricular Activities

Dehashakti sports, Arts, Science Experiments, Science Fair, Swimming, Beach, Classroom, Dance, Guest Lecturers, Field Trips, Marathon, Basketball Nationals, Trash Clean-up, Eco-Studies, Auroville Archeology Study, Tamil Cultural Studies, French Day, Indian History & Culture, Debates, NESS History/Alumnai (black/white basketball, class).

Arts & Culture

Music, art and poetry are a perfect education for the soul – Sri Aurobindo

Art is a living harmony – The Mother

At NESS, as we understand that all round development of value, skills and abilities are imperative for the growth of a student. We identify and nurture talents in the areas of arts, music, dance, quiz, elocution, yoga and various hobbies that bring out the creativity of the student. The school seeks to develop an aesthetic sense through its areas of art, music, dance, quiz, elocution, yoga and theatrical pursuits. We identify students who excel in any particular activity and provide additional training. People like Ms. Loola (an internationally acclaimed artist) have been involved in the programme for the past ten years, making it truly beneficial for the students at the art studio. In fact, the CCE (Continues comprehensive programme) programme does help us to achieve this goal in our rural children who have come out with surprisingly great talent.