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CBSE Affiliation No: 1980010, School Code : 55157

To be repeated each day by all the students: It is not for our family, it is not to secure a good position, it is not to earn money, it is not to obtain a diploma, that we study. We study to learn, to know, to understand the world, and for the sake of the joy that it gives us. – The Mother


Today, I sincerely pledge
To be my best:
Honest to God and my teachers,
My elders and my mates;
That I shall speak truth;
That I shall be cheerful
And glad and happy,
Knowing at every moment
That I am privileged
To be a pupil
Today I pledge to strive
To earn the trust
Of my peers so that
My humble beginnings
May be
A promise of greatness
To the future,
To myself, my parents,
My teachers and mankind….